Both SHP and SHP+ are looking for freelance writers, researchers, social media managers and more. Please see our job description below and get in touch –


Social Media Manager/Writer for SHP+ and

Social Media Manager would be responsible for leading and coordinating the development of our presence on both Western and Chinese social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, etc). This includes the look and feel of our presence on these sites, as well as the content which would be in the posts


Responsibilities include :


  • Oversee the development of the accounts on different social media platforms
  • Attain additional followers on different platforms, aim to include key opinion leaders in the advertising industry
  • Post to social media platforms at least once a day.
  • Use google analytics and other tracking to track the views and traffic to our social media pages as well as our own websites.
  • Write and publish articles on our e-magazine
  • Native Chinese/Fluency in spoken and written English necessary


~~~We are also looking for writers in English and Chinese for the “Faffer” Section and “News” Sections of the magazine~~~