About SHP

Who we are

SHP is a rep agency working with all major production houses and advertising agencies based in China as well as surrounding regions. We are the first and the biggest full-service rep agency in China to represent film professionals in Asia’s Advertising industry. With a wide array of highly qualified DIRECTORS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, EDITORS in our roster, we can help PRODUCERS to find the best team for their job and best jobs for our TALENTS.

How we can help producers

If you are a PRODUCER – simply send a board to us and we will research for you, quickly finding the most suitable film professionals for the project. We will make recommendations and send you customized reels based on the script of your project. Talents’ rates and conditions can be sent to you at any asked moment. Before projects begin, we can better acquaint you with our filmmakers, so that both parties are familiar with each other’s working styles in advance. We can save you time and money!

Important item to note: Please let us know if you decide to present any of our talents to the agency or client so that we are able to reserve them for you. We’d like to avoid situations where a director is presented by different production companies for the same project. We can only guarantee a booking to those who made a request. 

How we can help talents

If you are a DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, EDITOR seeking representation in China and/or Asia – simply email your reel to info@shp.tv along with some basic information. We will review your work and respond to you in a timely fashion. Before we begin actively promoting you in Asia, we ask to agree to a one-year exclusive, renewable contract. Otherwise, we can do a first project on a trial base.

If you are exclusivity represented by SHP, we would actively promote your work, showing it to production companies and agencies in China as well as surrounding regions. Your newest works will be featured in our newsletters, which are sent out to all clients on a monthly basis.

We can help you navigate Asia’s advertising industry, familiarizing you with its specific tendencies, customs, and cultural norms. Prior to your arrival for a shoot, we can give you a good idea about the production, agency, and crew you will be working with. We will help you to negotiate your salary and draft a solid final deal memo for you, making sure payments are done, accommodation is taken care of, etc. We can assist you in choosing the right shooting crew and post-production support in Asia. We are also more than happy to show you around town while you are here, so you feel a part of the family.

Languages spoken at SHP

English, Mandarin Chinese, French and Russian.